Beatriz Monteagudo Gómez

Beatriz Monteagudo Gómez


Nº colegiado: CV 14925

I'm a psychologist in Alicante and I gained my experience working and styudying in different settings across the United States, United Kingdom, Romania and Spain. I'm fluent in both spanish and English language. Through psychotherapy and other forms of psychological treatment, we can work together to accomplish your own goals, to cope and deal with difficult situations that life put on your way, and to work towards your emotional well-being.

I specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT) that is most commonly used to treat anxiety, depression and can help with psychological and emotional distress, and stress management.

The years working abroad and in the rehabilitation of patient with an adcquired brain injury taught me to be competent, resourceful, and empathetic towards people going through difficult times.


  • Ansiedad
  • Niños y adolescentes
  • Impulsividad
  • Depresión
  • Divorcio
  • Violencia doméstica
  • Problemas emocionales
  • Autoestima
  • Estrés
  • Identidad sexual


  • Terapia Cognitivo-Conductual
  • Mindfulness


  • Psicología

    Graduado Universidad de Murcia, España

  • Psicología General Sanitaria

    Máster Universidad Internacional de Valencia, España


  • Infancia (0-10)
  • Adolescentes (11-19)
  • Adultos
  • Tercera edad (65+)


  • Castellano (Español)
  • Inglés


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