Pablo Morales Lara

Pablo Morales Lara

Master en Salud Mental, con especialidad en Violencia de Género, Educación de las Emociones y Psicoanálisis.

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Pablo Morales Lara
Pablo Morales Lara

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Professional Leadership with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health and Business Administration * Experience in Business & Educational Counseling. * Lecturer in aspects of corporate education and school development for parents, teachers using Emotional Intelligence methodology. * Writer of several Books. * Excellent Communications and interpersonal skills. * Ability to teach new trends in areas such as mathematics, statistics, scientific research, education and Supervision for students and adults. * Skills to solve problems with excellent analytical capacity and decision making mitin organization; highly motivated to modify skills in people to resist change. TAMBIÉN HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL. Gracias por tu atencion

WORK EXPERIENCE IN THE IEE Structure offer of emotion management to reduce stressors and violence between peers and in family relationships, in young people aged 12-18 years old (public school students). More than fifteen Schools impacted in the center of the island and Metro Area. August 2011 to September 2012. From Love to Hate” conference on the Management of emotions to reduce gender violence in the adult population. Ponce Puerto Rico. August 2012. Conference for the Group of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation motivational theme “The Real, the Ideal and the Illusory”. Inter-American University. Bayamon, Puerto Rico. February 2017. Lecturer on Violence, Drugs, Human sexuality and Emotional Intelligence in Private Schools and churches. February to October 2016. 4.02 MENTAL HEALTH AND PRIVATE EXPERIENCES Professional practice in family violence in poor areas in St. Just, Barrazas and other places near to Carolina. (1950 practice hs.) March 2010 to December 2011. A. Identifying Basic level of behaviors in young and parents population: B. Behavioral changes, stressors that manifesting in an increasing number of behaviors watching how growing C. I observe changes in personality structure, manifesting in personality organization and the number of quality of personality traits. D. I observe changes in cognitive and motivational structures, manifesting in perception, evaluation and processing of information coming from the environment and from the individual’s body. I watch changes in both structural and functional. E. In my assessment I watch changes in the individual relationship with peers, sisters, brothers, parents making referent to the person’s social status, as well as their expectations from themselves and from others. With all information the next step I prepair a protocol as follow: A. Contact with the interdisciplinary (Family Department, Social Workers, Medical Attention, Food stamps, etc.) organizations to promote more coverage and support in each case. B. I give tools to each people in a personal interview to learn manage your own emotions and recognize each one in each moment when appear. C. In each interview I emphasize in three phases where Violence can appear in a relationship: Accumulation of tension. Explosion of violence. And Honeymoon. Exploring causes or motivations in steps A to D. D. I do an evaluation in how use time to take control in any distress situation to avoid acts of violence again partner in front the children or sons. E. In my clinical intervention I give assigments and teach how work relations between actions, thoughts and reactions in a short role-playing, giving support, and guidelines to understand in emotional way how many people suffer the violence. F. In each intervention I offer minimal indicators to identify when you or you know a woman that are suffering violence. TAMBIÉN HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL. Gracias por tu atencion

Im a great person ad professional too. Ready to listen your problems with respect. TOO IM A WRITER OF BOOKS, NEWS & MAGAZINES. Books: a. Phylogenesis y Psychoanalysis of Gender Violence b. The AIDS. Much more than an Infection c. The Symptom d. From Love to Hate e. Anorexy y Bulimia f. The Adictions TAMBIÉN HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL. Gracias por tu atencion


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