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Zdeněk is a skilled therapist with a unique background. Zdeněk's journey into therapy began after holding a high-ranking position in an international organization, where they gained experience dealing with serious crises, post-traumatic stress, and the challenges that come with managing employees in a corporate environment. With a focus on helping others, Zdeněk brings a wealth of insight and understanding to their work. They are a proud parent of two children and live with their family in Valencia, Spain, but frequently return to the Czech Republic.

Zdeněk is a trained psychotherapist with a specialization in the Person-Centered Approach (PCA), the school of thought developed by Carl Rogers. Zdeněk primarily works with individuals who are dealing with burnout, anxiety, parental issues, violence, relationships, and trauma. With a focus on providing a safe and supportive environment, Zdeněk utilizes their unique background and training to help clients overcome these challenges and find greater peace and fulfillment in their lives.

I started my ten-year psychotherapy training at PCA Institute Prague in 2012 and completed the first, community part in 2017, since when I started working with clients under the supervision of Dr. Vendula Junkova. I completed the comprehensive program in PCA Rogers Psychotherapy and Counseling, totaling 1070 hours, in 2022. Since 2020 I have been working as a psychotherapeutic support for the Secondary School and Business Academy in Sedlčany, Czech Republic. In 2021 I completed the training in chat crisis intervention. In addition to psychotherapy, I also deal with the protection of so-called soft targets from extreme forms of violence. Between 2004 and 2009 I worked as head of security for the Jewish Community in Prague, later as security manager of the security team of Radio Free Europe and later as deputy security director with responsibility for the security of the Czech headquarters and foreign bureaus in 23 countries. To this day, he is still working on various security analyses.


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  • Graduado de formación integral en psicoterapia PCA

    Diplomado PCA Institut Praha, República Checa

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    Máster Jan Amos Komensky University Prague, República Checa